3 Ways to Align Your Customer Experience With Your Marketing Message

3 Ways to Align Your Customer Experience With Your Marketing Message

Howard Walker - 09/22/2017

In today’s fast paced digital marketing world, discovering and implementing the latest SEO tactics or social media trend sometimes seems all-consuming. If any time is left, there are still blog articles to write and ad campaigns to run.

For marketers providing digital marketing services, the list of things to do and check is endless.

In my experience providing digital marketing services and strategies, there’s a tendency to worry too much about day-to-day minutia. Marketing is about making your products and services attractive current and potential customers, and if your products and services have built-in value, and benefits that customers want then this should be easy!

I think today’s strategies are undervaluing a marketing tenet that can calm the collective storm in the minds of marketers: providing a great customer experience!

It’s not that marketers don’t want to deliver a great customer experience, but rather they often don’t understand their primary roles within the customer experience itself.

The bottom line is, delivering a truly exceptional customer experience begins with marketing. For further clarification read the details mentioned below on 3 ways to align your customer experience with your your marketing message!

As Employees, Live Your Brand

The roots of a great customer experience actually begin with your company and its leaders. Marketers often look internally for inspiration for their customer-facing messages, which means the way they are trained and treated as employees will be reflected by the marketing material they produce. As a leader and advisor, this is exactly what I want, and it’s my job to ensure we treat our employees the way we want them to treat our customers!

Too often, however, companies fail to teach their employees how to properly “live their brand.” A customerexperience agency called Fifth P created a very helpful infographic outlining the customer experience breakdown, which often begins with employees who aren’t trained well enough, as seen here:

digital marketing services and the brand promise

Leaders: when employees – like marketers – are trained and treated in ways that directly reflect the message you want to project to potential customers, you have laid the groundwork for your people to deliver great customer experience. Just beware that if you do not do this, the opposite is true: this is where poor customer experiences truly originate from.


Only Make Promises the Team Can Keep

Everybody has bought things they didn’t need because of a good marketing campaign. Someone I know  recently returned from Universal Studios in Orlando with way more Harry Potter themed souvenirs than is reasonable. Who can resist the gift shops at the end of those awesome rides? That’s a example of good marketing!

There is, however, a significant difference between good marketing and making false claims just to get sales. Unfortunately, fierce competition sometimes calls for desperate measures, and this often includes saying anything and everything to get the sale.

An important message to marketers and salespeople is do not make promises the products and service can’t keep.

If a company produces a car that can go up to190 mph, they should not say it can reach speeds over 200mph. A golf club company should not make the claim that their driver can lower a golfer’s score by 10 shots. Digital marketing companies and agencies shouldn’t promise to get a brand #1 ranking on Google because there is simply no way to guarantee this (as mentioned in Google’s webmaster Tool Guidelines).

The people at Fifth P found a stat saying 82% of people will not do business with you after an unresolved poor experience. Any sales made under false pretenses just amounts to fool’s gold. Be honest about your products and services and highlight their value to your customers, nothing more, nothing less.

Make promises you can keep. Don’t do this:

gaps create broken promises

Deliver On Your Marketing Messages

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung

This quote is an apt maxim for both company leaders and marketers alike. If a company claims it will treat employees a certain way, and then follows through, those employees are much more likely to deliver the same experience to customers.

Another quote from Aristotle puts adds a slightly different spin on this thought:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

In my recent work with a client they released a new product and after we added a new product page on their site they wanted to promote it with a well written blog article that highlighted the benefits it offers over existing products. We confirmed that our writer could write a good article with the information that client provided and post it on their site by a specific deadline. Although we needed to do several iterations to change some of the content of the article (to insure all the details were completely accurate) to meet the clients’ approval, we were able to post it to their site before the close of business on the date we said it would be published.


Even though it seemed like we would not be able to complete and post our clients’ blog article to make the deadline, in the end we came through for our client and did what we said we would do.

There may be some cases when things happen outside our control and we may not be able to deliver on a promise to a customer,  but we need to do everything possible on our end and to do what we say. This is how it should be, and if a company makes a promise to their employees, they too will do everything possible to keep it.

If your company makes a promise with its marketing message, you need to do everything within your power to keep that promise, even if a million things go wrong. Overtime, long hours, even taking a financial hit – it’s all worth it to keep that promise.

Because to the customer, you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

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