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How to Master Online Reputation Management

By Howard Walker - 05/31/2016

In life, reputation is a very important thing. It’s the intangible component we use to shape our thoughts and actions toward each other. A reputation is built, little by little, over a long period of time with many interactions. The more effort you put into the cultivation of your reputation, the stronger it will be. […]

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12 Stats That Prove You Need to Start Social Selling

By Howard Walker - 09/10/2015

According to the latest stats, your customers have changed the way they buy and so must you. In fact, 57% of the buying decision is completed before they even talk to a sales rep! So the old traditional sales methods of cold calling and email are becoming less effective. Not only has the buying process […]

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5 Sure Fire Ways For Improving Brand Promotion

By Howard Walker - 04/23/2015

Before your brand can truly become an authority, it needs to be widely recognized. The ultimate marketing goal of your business is for your brand to be instantly recognizable by your target audience so they think of you first when they are ready to buy. In today’s digital climate, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand […]

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