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5 Ways Understanding Digital Marketing Data Can Help You Beat Your Competitors

By Howard Walker - 12/15/2016

Reports and data are a wonderful thing for strategic direction in our businesses – but only provide us value if we know how to read and interpret them! How often have you received a report, or had to issue a report, only to wonder how useful the exercise was? Your boss is demanding a return […]

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3 Techniques to Promote Effective Online Content Marketing

By Howard Walker - 04/29/2016

In a recent article published on Marketing Land titled “3 techniques to keep your content from being ignored”, author Mary Wallace suggests three techniques that marketers should use when writing content to promote their products or services. Based on my experience in working with both B2B and B2C clients, I’d like to add my comments […]

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Competitor Analysis: Your Roadmap to Online Success

By Howard Walker - 01/28/2016

Competition is a huge part of life. We compete for many important things like jobs, and houses. We even have fun by competing with each other in sports and other games. In more than anything, we enjoy watching competition and the higher the stakes, the better. It can get more intense with championship games like […]

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5 Steps to Successfully Gain a Competitive Advantage

By Howard Walker - 02/23/2015

  5 Steps to Successfully Gain a Competitive Digital Marketing Advantage One of the best ways to approach your digital marketing performance is to see how well you stack up to your competition. By identifying what they are doing well can provide you with the data you need to make improvements and ultimately gain a […]

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