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Why You Need to Define Your Targeted Audience to be Successful

By Howard Walker - 04/30/2017

Trying to appeal to everyone is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a business can make. In order to be successful you need to focus on connecting with the right audiences that are either your current customers or those that may become your customers. To effectively connect with your audience your marketing content needs to […]

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Online Content Marketing, Then and Now

By Howard Walker - 03/10/2017

Over the last few years, content’s relationship with the online marketing world has been a wild ride of continuous changes. Online content marketing was all the rage during the honeymoon stage. There were late nights, long conversations and no matter what, everything turned out rosy. The content itself didn’t necessary matter – as long as […]

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2017 Marketing Predictions Infographic

By Howard Walker - 01/20/2017

Now that we’re into a new year and you’re focusing on moving forward with your business goals, we thought it would be helpful to also give you our take on marketing predictions for 2017.  As usual when it comes to predictions, our past results were a mixed bag, however it’s always a good idea to […]

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5 Website Makeover Tips To Get More Leads

By Howard Walker - 10/21/2016

A website that contains good content written for your target audience as well as being well-maintained will deliver more leads. Updating  your website is one of those things that sometimes gets pushed to the side when things get busy. Here are 5 quick website makeover tips that will help you site well on its way […]

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Basic SEO Campaign Tips To Promote Your Visibility on Google

By Howard Walker - 08/19/2016

Before business owners, Entrepreneurs or online marketing managers begin an SEO campaign to promote their site I recommend that they use a checklist. While the basic checklist of SEO campaign tips below is not exhaustive (it constantly needs to be updated), many will use the list as a helpful reminder of the things to check […]

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