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How An Inbound Marketing Strategy Saves Money

By Howard Walker - 09/08/2015

We discussed inbound marketing in last month, and a common theme in our resources is its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In our ROI-driving engine infographic we analyzed the data showing the average cost-per-lead of an inbound marketing strategy is less than half of outbound marketing leads. As Online marketers, we know how and why inbound marketing […]

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The ROI-Driving Engine We Call Inbound Marketing

By Howard Walker - 08/24/2015

By definition, “inbound” means to bring in. Traditional forms of marketing often focus on “outbound” activities, that include pushing potential customers toward a product or service, regardless of whether they’ve shown any interest in it. Although both methods may work, the question is which one is most cost effective as part of a ROI-driving machine? […]

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