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The Anatomy of a Website Landing Page That Converts

By Howard Walker - 07/22/2016

Let’s get it right from the top: the #1 landing page mistake is sending ad campaign visitors to a homepage. And we often still see it being done that way.   But facts are facts, and a well-architected website landing page is much more likely to convert visitors into leads.   The good news is a […]

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12 Stats That Prove You Need to Start Social Selling

By Howard Walker - 09/10/2015

According to the latest stats, your customers have changed the way they buy and so must you. In fact, 57% of the buying decision is completed before they even talk to a sales rep! So the old traditional sales methods of cold calling and email are becoming less effective. Not only has the buying process […]

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How An Inbound Marketing Strategy Saves Money

By Howard Walker - 09/08/2015

We discussed inbound marketing in last month, and a common theme in our resources is its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In our ROI-driving engine infographic we analyzed the data showing the average cost-per-lead of an inbound marketing strategy is less than half of outbound marketing leads. As Online marketers, we know how and why inbound marketing […]

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Growing Leads and Sales with Marketing Automation

By Howard Walker - 08/13/2015

At its core, digital marketing like other forms of marketing has a simple goal: get more customers. The entire marketing process can be boiled down to three steps. The first step is to attract and interest people in your products and services. Step two is to turn those interested people into customers by making sales. […]

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5 Key Components to Improve Customer Acquisition

By Howard Walker - 06/30/2015

In today’s increasingly overcrowded Online market place the key to building a loyal customer base is to consistently follow an effective digital marketing strategy. This is something most companies still fail to do. A digital marketing strategy needs to attract prospective customers, provide effective customer acquisition, and more importantly promote customer loyalty. In this video […]

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