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The Bright Future of Marketing Automation

By Howard Walker - 11/17/2016

The future of marketing automation looks bright and the field continues to grow at an amazing rate.  On average, 49% of companies today are using marketing automation platforms, which helps marketers make smarter, more informed decisions and improve efficiency. From email and content marketing to social media, marketing automation tools take much of the burden off human […]

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Marketing Automation: All the Cool Marketers Are Doing It

By Howard Walker - 07/30/2015

 Most marketers and businesses know what they need to do to launch and maintain successful marketing campaigns. They realize the importance of qualitycontent integrated with an active social media presence and a dedicated outreach process. They understand the role of measuring results and using them to iterate and improve their strategies and tactics. And they […]

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Top Three Online B2B Marketing Strategies That Really Work

By Admin - 10/28/2014

B2B Marketing Strategies That Really Work If you are interested in developing new and effective B2B marketing strategies, then you need to consider using online marketing tactics as the centerpiece of your marketing program. Traditional marketing methods in the B2B world are too expensive or ineffective. Digital marketing is growing rapidly as favorite among B2B marketing […]

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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Remarketing

By Admin - 10/07/2014

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Remarketing Remarketing is using online Pay Per Click Display Advertising to retarget visitors who have left your website to browse other websites without becoming your customer. The goal is to serve up relevant ads that reinforce your message and bring them back to take a second look and […]

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