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The WSI Digital Marketing Mix

By Howard Walker - 09/27/2016

In the faced-paced world that we live in many small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large brands, are still trying to find their place in the digital world. There are no clear cut easy ways to build and maintain a strong digital presence. There are many different strategies that may, depending on the industry […]

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Webinar Watch: 3 Strategies to Make Your Customers Take Notice

By Howard Walker - 04/07/2015

  Spring and baseball have just started and right around the corner is WSI’s Digital Power Hour webinar series session number two on Tuesday April 28th. Getting your targeted consumers to notice your brand in today’s crowded digital landscape can be a challenging task. Your company may have great products and services, awesome customer service […]

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Do Internet Marketing Strategies Really Work for Manufacturers?

By Howard Walker - 02/27/2015

Do Internet Marketing Strategies Really Work for Manufacturers? As a manufacturer, you may be wondering whether or not you should be using the web to market your products. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Here is why: Internet marketing strategies are very cost effective and can be measured Successful marketing isn’t just […]

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Snapshot Of Our Social Selling Strategy

By Admin - 04/24/2014

Showing and doing is way better than just telling. When we let you in on what we’re doing, it’s much easier for you to understand and make sense of the content. In addition, it confirms to you that we practice what we preach, which should be important to you no matter what you’re buying. If […]

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Applying the Power of Social Selling To Your Business

By Admin - 04/10/2014

  Applying the Power of Social Selling To Your Business The increasing popularity of social media is not only changing the way we socialize with friends and family, it’s also changing the way people research, compare and inform their buying decisions. Rather than seeing trend as a threat, businesses owners and managers should see it […]

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