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2017 Marketing Predictions Infographic

By Howard Walker - 01/20/2017

Now that we’re into a new year and you’re focusing on moving forward with your business goals, we thought it would be helpful to also give you our take on marketing predictions for 2017.  As usual when it comes to predictions, our past results were a mixed bag, however it’s always a good idea to […]

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5 Sure Fire Ways For Improving Brand Promotion

By Howard Walker - 04/23/2015

Before your brand can truly become an authority, it needs to be widely recognized. The ultimate marketing goal of your business is for your brand to be instantly recognizable by your target audience so they think of you first when they are ready to buy. In today’s digital climate, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand […]

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Webinar Watch: 3 Strategies to Make Your Customers Take Notice

By Howard Walker - 04/07/2015

  Spring and baseball have just started and right around the corner is WSI’s Digital Power Hour webinar series session number two on Tuesday April 28th. Getting your targeted consumers to notice your brand in today’s crowded digital landscape can be a challenging task. Your company may have great products and services, awesome customer service […]

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5 Key Components For Building Better Brand Authority

By Howard Walker - 03/20/2015

  5 Key Components For Building Better Brand Authority The continuing evolution of social media networks, growing popularity of customer review websites, and more informative search results, makes it easier than ever for people to do due diligence in checking out your business. Fortunately this does not mean you’re at the mercy of third party […]

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