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5 Profit Pulling Analytics Reports to Regularly Review

By Howard Walker - 12/21/2016

When you go to the grocery store do you wonder why the dairy section is placed in the back of the store with cookies or other related items placed nearby? Or why chocolate and candies are placed at the end of the canned vegetable aisle? These items are put in these odd spots for a […]

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Improving Sales Using Web Analytics

By Howard Walker - 11/04/2015

It’s difficult to improve anything in life without an accurate, self-aware perception of performance. If you want to become a chef, you need to know what other people think of the taste and presentation of your food. If you want to write a best-selling novel, you need an honest assessment of a shorter sample before […]

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Webinar Watch: Using Web Data to Improve Online Conversions

By Howard Walker - 10/16/2015

For some of us – those who are not “numbers people” for example – collecting and analyzing web data is one of those things you just are not motivated to do. Ever. Similar to how you feel about scrubbing the bathtub or going to the dentist. But like getting a cavity filled, web data is […]

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