Why You Need to Define Your Targeted Audience to be Successful

Why You Need to Define Your Targeted Audience to be Successful

Howard Walker - 04/30/2017

define your targeted audience

Trying to appeal to everyone is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a business can make. In order to be successful you need to focus on connecting with the right audiences that are either your current customers or those that may become your customers. To effectively connect with your audience your marketing content needs to meet their expectations and address their challenges or needs. To achieve this you need to clearly define the audience you are trying to reach. Let’s take a more detailed look at what is means to define a target audience to promote the success of your brand.

Understand the Demographics of Your Audience

A well defined audience persona includes a lot more than just basic demographic information. Details on gender, age, occupation, income, and location are a good starting point that will help you paint a clear picture of your targeted audience.  If your targeted audience is married men who in their fourties or fifties who live in a major metro area and make over $100K a year, your content marketing strategy needs to be very different than targeting mothers who are in their twenties who work part time and make less than $30K a year. Your targeted audience may also be best defined with a primary and one or more secondary persona types based on the type of product or service your brand offers. Defining the demographic profile(s) of your targeted audience will significantly improve your success in producing content that will be of interest to them.

Define Your Customer’s Needs

After you have determined the basic demographics of your target audience, the next thing is to narrow things down further to understand their needs and challenges. What are thing kinds of things that are valuable or interesting to them? What are their likes and dislikes? What kinds of publications do they read? What kinds of things do their search for online? Usually the best source of information is to read reviews and comments and various forms of customer feedback, and also talk and ask your customers or potential customers directly. Using a marketing research service to collect this information and talk with your current customers directly will usually give you valuable insights. Determining the needs of your audience will help you develop good content that speaks directly to those who will most likely buy your service or product.

Providing Value with the Right Content

Creating the right content to the targeted audience you defined will ensure the information you provide is valuable to them. Not only does this require that you choose topics that are of interest to them, but you also determine the best way to deliver that information to reach them. Where do they spend the most time reading content online? Also what kinds of content (blog articles, videos, podcasts, etc.) do they most often look at?  Depending on your persona type(s), it could be email, searches on Google, certain social media platforms, community sites or some other online channel.  If your content resonates well, your success could be further promoted with your audience shares through social media shares, and follows directly with you.  An effective online marketing strategy includes measuring the effectiveness of the content you deliver to your targeted audience.

Delivering Content That Connects with Your Audience

Clearly defining your target audience takes a fair amount of time and effort, however the results are very worthwhile. When you clearly understand who you are targeting, it’s much easier to create the right message and type of content that will connect with them. This will save you a lot of time and money and also insure you have a better return on your investment


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