SEO Services that Provide Outstanding Results in a B2B Marketing Strategy

Unlike radio, television stations and other channels ripe for outbound marketing tactics, you cannot easily succeed online by placing ads in front of people’s faces on the web. Consumers have developed a plethora of ways to ignore or block out commercial display ads. People have gotten so good at this in fact, that they are more likely to complete Navy Seal training than click on a display ad — despite the fact people see 1,700 banner ads monthly.

To get noticed on the web, you must use an Online marketing strategy that incorporates the use of search engine optimization (SEO) to place your company where consumers are looking for your product or service. For most people, an online experience begins with a search engine query on Google or another search engine, so this is where you need to be. If you want to ensure that your B2B consumers land on your page after a search, you cannot simply be anywhere on the results list. A Google search furnishes millions of results, and over 90% of searchers end with the first ten results shown on the first page. There are many other entities competing for your consumers’ eyes, so getting ranked atop the organic or natural search engine results lists is not easy. Fortunately, our team at WSI Omega Solutions can help. We have been providing San Jose SEO services that deliver outstanding results for our clients for years. Here is how we guide our clients to SEO success:

We Enhance and Unify All Digital Marketing Channels That Are Associated With SEO

Unlike the early days of online searches — you cannot achieve SEO success by simply stuffing your website with keywords. In fact, many of your SEO efforts will have little to do with your website at all. That is why we look at how we can enhance all of your online assets for better website optimization. This includes the following:

Content development

Search engines are smart enough to know what content is the most relevant to a search, and how good it is. In order for your online content to help your SEO results, it must be consistent, informative, and high-quality. At the same time, it still needs to integrate keywords in the right places. Our team provides this type of content as well as an on-going content marketing plan for our clients.

Backlink building

As you build your online brand, you will inevitably develop relationships with other websites. You must leverage these relationships by earning backlinks from other sites to your own. The higher quality your links are, the better — in fact, low-quality “spam” backlinks will hurt you. We can help you build a stronger network of high-quality backlinks, and if needed remove the bad ones.

Social media and Customer Reviews

When used correctly, social media and valid customer reviews drives traffic to your other channels, and serves as an outstanding place to build backlinks. Our team knows how to give you that positive social buzz and can provide a validated customer review program your SEO needs.

We will also help you add any digital marketing channels that you are currently missing

If you are missing a critical digital marketing channel, there is no need for concern when using our San Jose SEO services. This is due to the fact that we will help you launch a blog, get your social media accounts started on the right foot, or whatever else you need to do. All our Online marketing strategies are custom designed for the specific needs of our clients.

Advanced Keyword Selection and Implementation

Although keywords no longer monopolize search engine marketing, they are still valuable SEO assets. That being said, getting your keywords right requires more than simply using keywords that are popular and relevant to your industry. You must consider other factors like keyword competition, and historical keyword data. Our San Jose SEO services include a specialized keyword selection and management process known as “semantic mapping.” With this process, we are able to quickly optimize multiple sections of your website. One of our clients, Modutek Corporation, for example, experienced a 400% increase in traffic, and top ten Google results for 13 of their keywords in lees than 4 months after we used semantic mapping to enhance 24 pages on their website as a part of their website optimization process.

We Make Sure That Your Website is Search Engine and Mobile Friendly

A key part of SEO for our clients’ B2B marketing strategies is optimizing the website itself. In order to achieve optimal SEO results, a website must be designed in a way that is amicable towards search engines on all devices. For example, search engines now demand that websites be mobile friendly; not complying with this would hurt our clients’ SEO results on mobile devices. To that end, we will upgrade or redesign your website as needed to be Responsive site (mobile friendly) to achieve the best possible SEO results.

Allow Our Team Help You Maximize Your SEO Results

In order to get your company’s website ranked atop search engine results lists, you need the right set of strategies and tools. At WSI Omega Solutions, we have both. Contact us for a free website analysis and consultation so that we can help you take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.