Why Your Business Should Use a WordPress Site

Wordpress for Content Marketing

No matter what kind of business you have, you need to be following an online content marketing strategy. By consistently posting blog articles, infographics and even videos that speak to and relate to your target audience, you will get site visitors. With well written content these visitors can be nurtured into customers and generate sales.

Although there are many content marketing and blogging platforms available, WordPress is one of the most popular and easiest to use. Below are 5 reasons why your business should use a WordPress site.

1. Easy to Use

One of the primary reasons your business should use WordPress is that it is easy to use. You don’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up and there are many site developers available that use it. Most web hosting companies support WordPress, so you have many options available depending on your needs for the site.

The user interface on WordPress makes it easy to create and edit high quality content to add or update site pages and blog posts as well. You can have a well designed professional looking site and/or blog without much effort.

2. It’s Free

WordPress is an open source and website platform that is entirely free to use. You don’t have to pay any subscription cost. This is also a lot of online help and videos available for free to help you get up to speed on using it.

The only real cost is for web hosting although there are options for free hosting such as on WordPress.com.  For most businesses its best to have a registered domain name that you own at a web hosting company that provides optimized support for WordPress. While most web hosting companies support WordPress, use one that provides security, support for encrypted sites (with a SSL certificate), daily site backups along with good customer service.

3. You Can Use a Wide Variety of Powerful Plug-ins

Another outstanding benefit of using WordPress is that you can add many useful plug-ins many of which have free versions. The Yoast SEO plug-in, for example, helps you improve the readability and on-page optimization of your content for Google rankings. You can also select a plug in for adding social media buttons so people can share your content easily. This will help promote your social media visibility and following faster.

There are also plug-ins for adding interesting visual content such as setting up image and video carousel functionality, and a sliding YouTube Gallery. There also are plug-ins for setting up and managing contact forms, site security as well as Google Web Analytics to track visitor activities on the site. There are plug-ins for just about any kind of functionality you could need on a site.

4. It’s Great for SEO to Promote Online Visibility  

You may think that this all sounds great for sites with a blog, but how does it benefit a small business with a limited budget? Implementing a content marketing strategy is one of the most powerful marketing methods for a business of any size. Google drives over 70% of search traffic and an even higher percentage of mobile search traffic. If your business is not easily found by potential customers on Google you are missing out big time. Blogging on WordPress significantly improves your online visibility in SEO, especially when you create unique content aimed at enticing consumers.

In addition it also improves your visibility in social media marketing and can be used as a springboard for email marketing. It works well with all other forms of digital marketing to promote your online visibility and brand with potential customers.

5. You Can Easily Add Writers

You may want to reach out to working with freelance writers and other content providers. At the same time you don’t want anyone to have access to all or your site content. WordPress makes this task easy to manage. You can create various writer accounts and control their permissions so that can only access certain things. You can also moderate their content, so nothing gets posted on the site without your approval.

This allows you to have the means of creating all kinds of quality content from freelances, suppliers or employees without any hassle.


With a well developed and straightforward user interface, an integrated content management system, many powerful plug-ins, and the ability to promote online visibility and sales, WordPress can serve the needs of almost any business. It is provides a free open source platform that is used in many different industries that will help you connect with many potential customers who are searching online for your products or services.

If you would like a free consultation on how using WordPress site with a content marketing strategy can benefit your business call 408 398-3303 or email hwalker@wsismartwebmarketing.com.

Online Beading and Jewelry Making Supply Store Enlists WSI to help Revive their Business

Crystal Findings Logo

Crystal Findings Inc. is a beading supplies and findings store based in the Philadelphia area since 1996. Their customers are hobbyists who make custom jewelry for themselves, or for selling, as well as retail stores. They have a showroom in Philadelphia but historically most of their business has been mail and phone order. The company was flourishing until a few years ago and a big chuck of their business came from retail stores. But in recent years, failure to adapt to the changing e-commerce retail landscape sent a number of these retail stores out of business. This in turn has affected their business as well and they are looking to bring their sales up, back to the levels of a few years ago.

When the company came to WSI, we saw that they were using a Shopify store for ecommerce. But they knew that they had to move away from Shopify in order to have a more robust and SEO friendly web presence. They had already been working with a developer to build the new website, but that project had stalled due to the un-availability and the non-communication on part of the development team.

WSI was hired to help move the web development project along and then launch SEO to help bring in more sales from the ecommerce store. Since the owners do not want to waste any time in waiting for the website to be redesigned before starting SEO, the project is being completed in three phases.

Phase 1 – Import and organization of products into the newly setup Woocommerce platform, followed by launching the new website.

Phase 2 – Implementing the on-page SEO work

Phase 3 – Moving on to off-page SEO work along with doing a website redesign, incorporating the principles of CRO .

Currently, the Phase 1 has been complete. As part of Phase 2, we are optimizing the site for the following main keywords, among others –

In preparation for Phase 2, the off page optimization, we have created blogging profiles for Crystal Findings on the following portals – Weebly, WordPress, Blogger and Medium.

With this setup in place, we are now moving to off-page activities for crystalfindings.com, which includes creating high quality content for their brand and products, among other things.

We are very excited at this stage in the project and very confident that we will soon be able to bring in more online sales for the company and help them transition successfully into the digital age.

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WSI Alumni Starts Foundation and Offers Scholarships

Foundation for GoalsA former WSI consultant based in Colorado Springs has started a new foundation to teach young people the skills required for goal achievement.  Tom Kuthy, who recently sold his WSI practice, has created a web site to spread the word about his new endeavor:  The Foundation for Goal Achievement.

The mission of the foundation is to become the world’s most comprehensive source of information on goal achievement.  In addition to creating unique content, the foundation will also attempt curate the information on goal achievement that has been developed over the last 100 plus years, and make it accessible from a single source online.

Still in its early stages, the foundation has already created some high-quality content covering the following topics:

In addition to the content above, the foundation is also offering a scholarship awarded bi-annually to students who have set clear goals for themselves and can document that in an essay. An application for the scholarship can be found here: https://www.foundationforgoals.org/goal-achievement-scholarship/

All of us at WSI wish Tom the best in his new endeavor!

This post originally appeared: http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/wsi-alumni-starts-foundation-and-offers-scholarships