Beyond Blogging –Using Content Marketing Concepts to Improve Your Game

Online Content Marketing Concepts

Every business that wants to effectively promote their online visibility needs to have a Blog. A well written and frequently updated blog will drive targeted traffic and expand a website’s online visibility as well as establish brand credibility.

If you want to take your online marketing to the next level, however, you need to go beyond a basic blogging strategy. Using online content marketing concepts will help attract more qualified leads, boost your conversion rates, get more repeat customers, and give you better overall results for every piece of content you publish.

The Differences between Content Marketing and Blogging

Blogging and content marketing are both inbound marketing techniques, since they attract visitors by publishing material that meets a need, answers a question or helps solve a problem. It works by providing valuable content that draws interested readers to a website.

The big difference between these techniques is that content marketing takes a more organized and structured approach to targeting specific kinds of visitors and focusing on actions (or calls to action) you want them to take. They may be prompted to fill out a contact form to download information or listen to a video, sign up for a newsletter or call for a free quote or consultation.

While blogging may target specific topics or keyword terms for greater search engine visibility, effective content marketing targets prospects at different stages of the buying cycle and attempts to lead them further down the sales funnel to a conversion goal.

Blogging often tends to follow a more informal or generalized approach, while content marketing has a targeted strategy behind it. Content marketing requires more detailed planning before content is published along with a more detailed level of analysis afterward to determine how successful it was.

Finally content marketing often utilizes a wider range of content formats than is used with simple blog posts. It can include Videos, downloadable docs, podcasts, etc. More things can be utilized depending on what things are being offered to address a customer’s needs.

Applying Content Marketing Concepts

When you write your next blog post, ask yourself the following questions before writing anything.

  1. Who are your targeted customers and how would you describe and define them as a group?
  2. What kind of specific content will appeal most to these customer groups?
  3. How can the content provide genuine value and encourage them to take the next step?
  4. What actions do you want your visitors to take after reading your content?
  5. How many different approaches can you use to achieve the same end results?
  6. Can you measure how successful the content was and learn any lessons from it?

If your content addresses the items listed above then it’s working to create customers for your business rather than simply generating traffic on your site.

Basic blogging is still a valuable technique for any business website. However it’s only one part of a wider strategy for attracting visitors and converting them into customers. If you focus on content marketing concepts during the content creation process each piece will work better to increase your customer base and improve your bottom line.

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