3 Inexpensive But Effective Ways to Market Your Business

san jose online marketing servicesMarketing your business online (and offline) is one of the most important aspects for assuring its on-going success and growth. The primary function of marketing is to let people know what your business is, what it provides in terms of products or services and the kind of clients you serve. Even the best products or services need to be advertised so that people can learn about them. This does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on marketing. However you do need to develop a good strategy that includes online marketing to promote your business. Below are three inexpensive and effective ways that you should use to market your business.

Leverage the Power of Reviews

Reviews have become one of the most effective methods of marketing online. These days consumers will typically go online to look up a product or review your company services before deciding whether to buy or not. The latest national statistics indicate that more than 81% of shoppers and 94% of B2B buyers will review information online before making a purchase decision. Having a list of positive reviews that speak about the quality of your product or service will give you a big advantage over your competition. You may want to consider reaching out to influential people in your target demographic. In many cases a positive comment from them will ensure that your product or service reaches a wider audience and increases the credibility of your brand.

Indentify Your Target Audience and Focus Your Message to Them

Many businesses cast a wide marketing net and think it will yield better results. While you may reach a wider audience with the approach, it does not make much financial sense if you have a low response rate. Before diving into a marketing strategy, consider spending some time thinking about and researching your target market. Who is your targeted customer and why are you focusing on them? What are their needs or challenges and how does your product or service address this? Once you have the answer to these questions you will be able to devise a marketing strategy and develop more effective content that can speak to them and address their needs effectively.


Emphasize what is Unique about Your Business

One of the best ways to encourage people to do business with you is to tell them what makes you different than the competition. This can be something that makes your product or service more appealing, or something about your life experience that explains why you do what you do. Whatever makes you and your business unique, and differentiates you from the competition make sure that you communicate that effectively to the world. If your story is particularly interesting and unique, you might get a lot of visibility on social media.

Although marketing is an important part of growing a business, it does not have to cost a lot of money. By implementing the techniques mentioned above you will be able to advertise your business in an effective and inexpensive way. If you need online marketing services with an effective strategy to help you marketing your business contact us for a free consultation.

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The WSI Marketing & Tentickle Stretch Tent Journey

tentickle stretch tent journeyAs a digital marketing agency that focuses on generating exceptional ROI for our clients, there are few things as rewarding as establishing a long-term relationship with a producer who sincerely loves their industry and crafts the very best version of their product on the market. Case in point – our ten-year-long relationship with Tentickle, an international stretch tent manufacturer known for their high-quality, durable and infinitely versatile stretch tents and luxury tents.


How We Placed Tentickle on The Digital Map

Over the last 10 years, our scope of service has grown, adapted and evolved with the exponential growth of the company, as well as the online marketing requirements as they expanded globally into 35 countries, including the UK stretch tents market.


Expansion Into A New Product Line

During the latter part of 2016, WSI was again engaged to develop an exclusive website for a completely new niche product line that positioned Tentickle as a provider to the luxury accommodation industry with a range of innovative safari tents and glamping tents. It was very gratifying to play a role in promoting these superior quality, exceptionally well-designed products that include a variety of customisable stargazers (mosquito-proof mesh units), luxury mess tents, glampers, explorer tents that allow for 360° views, and more. Tentickle has managed to cater for every possible requirement of the luxury tented accommodation industry and we are very proud to have played a role in this success story.


Where We Plan to Go From Here

Tentickle’s future is looking bright. We have recently embarked on a total revamp of their stretch tent site to reflect their refreshed branding and WSI is looking forward to walking the road into the future with this valued client. Our aim is to remain agile enough to adapt our service delivery seamlessly in line with their ever-developing online requirements. The luxury tent product line was recently expanded again, and the website has already been adapted to reflect this exciting development. Utilising blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Weebly and Postach.io is included in our best-practice SEO strategies and directory listings, social sharing and content syndication forms part of this process.

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Industrial Baking Equipment Supply Company Partner’s With WSI for SEO

Industrial Baking Equipment Supply CompanyArtisan Capital Partners, an industrial baking equipment supplier, has partnered with WSI to implement an SEO program to deliver their message to a greater audience. Artisan Capital Partner aims to create liquidity events for companies from industrial bakery assets. Industrial baking equipment is capital intensive to install and requires specific skills to resell. Artisan Capital Partners help companies identify the value of their equipment, assist in dismantling, then refurbish and resell the equipment.  Their experience and strategic partnerships help to maximize value, simplify the process, and reduce the risk to bakeries. As a buyer and seller of industrial baking equipment, Artisan Capital Partners also provides a quality secondary market, allowing other companies to access baking production line equipment at a high value.

WSI’s custom SEO program aims to improve website performance and long-term search engine rankings. This started with on-page optimization, including an audit of the website’s SEO optimization, keyword research and selection, and developing SEO optimized pages.  This work is followed by an ongoing link building program including off-site blog and social media creation and syndication. After discussing business goals with Artisan Capital Partners and completing the website audit and extensive keyword research, the following 3 SEO page themes were developed:

WSI will continue SEO efforts to elevate Artisan Capital Partners search engine page ranks and lead captures onsite. This work will include keyword optimized blogs and social media content development that highlight Artisan Capital Partners benefits. This content will assist to create direct and indirect traffic to the site to boost the page rank. These blogs will be posted on Weebly, WordPress and Blogger.

This work has already begun to be tracked and website performance benchmarks well-characterized. WSI is encouraged by initial results and excited to be part of the growth of Artisan Capital Partners.

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