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digital marketing agencyWe are a digital marketing agency in San Jose with WSI which is the world’s largest network of digital marketing consultants.  The clients we serve include small to mid-size businesses that sell technology products, equipment, professional services, and software. As a trusted adviser we focus on providing innovative digital marketing services that help each client reach their business goals and objectives. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with clients to help them grow their business revenues, increase their operational efficiency, optimize their marketing budgets and reduce costs.

Your business is unique, and so is our approach. The needs and goals of your business are at the center of everything we do. Our strategies, execution, and reporting focus on adding value.

That’s why we take the time upfront with our strategy-first approach. This allows us to understand your business and goals, your competitive environment, your past, and current marketing, and communications successes and failures, as well as the strength of your current marketing and communications.

Want to know more about how we can help you meet your business goals?

We Provide Better Results and Uncover Business Opportunities

  • Access to a global network of digital marketing masters through our WSI network
  • We follow a process and set of standard operating procedures for all components of execution as part of our services
  • Easy-to-understand reporting using a secure online platform with explanations about metrics, recommendations, and achievements
  • Monthly meetings to discuss and review site performance and any items related to the digital marketing services we are providing to you
  • Access to discounted tools and products that benefit your communications, marketing, and website projects – from website hosting costs to anti-spam plugins, customer review and posting services, and reputation management services
  • Collaborative approach internally and externally – our clients receive attention from all levels of our team and network, not just a junior manager.
  • We partner with our clients and work collaboratively and transparently
  • Our WSI Network training and global best practices mean our clients will get the best approaches and tools available


It’s our strategy-first approach, local and global experts, and strong corporate values that make us Different

The Business Values and Standards We Follow:

Trust 1. Trust 

Trust is the foundation for every successful relationship.



Honesty and Itegrity2. Honesty and Integrity      

We adhere to the highest possible principles of honesty and integrity and provide honest

answers and feedback on recommendations on what is best for our clients.


Innovation3. Innovation and Continuous Incremental Improvement

By choosing not to get “stuck” in old ways, innovation gives us the chance to make continual

improvements, adapt and discover new opportunities for growth.


Partnerships4. Partnerships

We view our clients and suppliers as partners, which allows us to attach healthy emotions to the

relationship to promote clear communication, trust, accountability, reliability, and predictable results.


Proven Processes5. Follow Proven Processes that Deliver Results

We follow a proven process when delivering digital marketing services and continually track progress

and monitor results.


It belongs to you6. Everything We Create for You Belongs to You

All the things we create or develop for you, including your website, domain, content, graphics, blogs,

online listings, links, and other online items, are owned by you and will always be yours.

Our Team

Howard Walker -Digital Marketing Consultant
Karlton Lau

Howard Walker is a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant and owner of WSI Smart Web Marketing. He serves as a manager and strategic advisor and uses his experience, expertise, and knowledge from many years of experience in the tech industry as a product marketing engineer and project manager. His experience with digital marketing services and the use of online analysis tools allow him to implement strategies and recommendations that provide the best-in-class services and results for clients.

Karlton supports the team as a strategic advisor, project manager, and content editor. He brings a perspective and sensibility shaped by his years of working in the tech industry. Starting in applications and support for a prominent semiconductor company, he moved on to dual roles in product marketing and marketing operations.  He has also worked in competitive analysis and business development.

Jatinder is our design term project manager and has over 10 years of experience in web design and project management. He specializes in web design and development for Web2.) features -HTML development with CSS2, Javascript, Web Applications, GUIs and Desktop Application GUIs. He has excellent analytical abilities, communication skills, and sound technical know-how coupled and follows strong design methodologies.

Pradeep has 8+ years of experience as a web designer and has worked on many projects with challenging requirements. He provides guidance and recommendations when defining project requirements with clients to ensure all their requirements and requests are met. His specialties include

Mara is an experienced administrative assistant that helps the team with many tasks, including reviewing site content and graphics created for clients. She posts blog articles, coordinates the scheduling of social media posts, and assists with monthly client reports.

Our Services Help Businesses Grow

We provide a lot more than your typical digital marketing agency. In addition to designing websites, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services to help your business increase profitability and effectively target clients searching online for your products or services. We understand the needs and challenges of B2B technology companies because we have experience working in the technology industry and are business owners ourselves.

Local Knowledge = Greater Results

Global Knowledge, Local Presence

Our global network of digital marketing consultants understand most local markets because we’re there, on the ground in hundreds of locations around the world.

Digital marketing depends on geography

Not every market is running digital marketing strategies at the same pace; what works in one region, state or country may not work the same in another. We know what works where because we have a real local presence in many different countries around the world.

Custom local solutions for your business

We understand every region and city is unique, so we cater our digital marketing solutions to your specific needs and the behavior of your customers and local clientele. It’s your strategy, for your local market.

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