Applying the Power of Social Selling To Your Business

Applying the Power of Social Selling To Your Business

Admin - 04/10/2014


Applying the Power of Social Selling To Your Business

The increasing popularity of social media is not only changing the way we socialize with friends and family, it’s also changing the way people research, compare and inform their buying decisions. Rather than seeing trend as a threat, businesses owners and managers should see it as a new marketing opportunity.

Social selling is all about leveraging existing web technology to deliver more insight and value to a buyer’s sphere of influence when making buying decisions. As discussed in the video, below are 5 key steps we would recommend to businesses owners and marketing mangers use to apply the power of social selling to win new customers.

1.       Identify Your Targeted Buyers Persona

Any professional sales process includes developing relationships with your buyers, and the first step to a good social selling plan is to identify the key decision makers. This includes their level of online engagement, such as keyword terms they search for, social media sites they use (i.e. LinkedIn), blogs and online articles they sometimes read. 

2.       Intelligence is Key

Creating a strategy to listen and gather relevant intelligence such as understanding your customers’ challenges and requirements is critical to making a successful online connection. You also need to understand your customers’ sphere of influence during their buying process. They may want to work with advisors or consultants who are either experts in their field or have plenty of experience with a good track record with verifiable reviews.

3.       Establish a Content Marketing Plan

After you understand your customer better the goal is to then share quality targeted content of your own as well as syndicating quality content which will intrigue them. Provide useful information that helps them to resolve or better understand common challenges and issues.    

4.       Become a Trusted Authority

Once you develop your sphere of influence you can then become a trusted source of information to your targeted audience. This is achieved over time by being consistently helpful, approachable, and engaging.

5.       Monitor and Improve

Use tracking technologies to monitor the level of engagement with you and your content by your targeted audience. This will enable you to identify what content and information is proving to be popular and engaging along with checking for any trigger events so you can then take appropriate action.

In conclusion, developing a well devised social selling plan for your business will proactively help targeted customers through their buying cycle and will increase your chances of making a sale. If you would like to learn how you can add social selling techniques to your business call your local WSI digital marketing consultant at 408 398-3303 of email [email protected].


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