Web Analytics and Reporting

If you are investing money in marketing your business, you need to be tracking and measuring how well your marketing efforts are working in providing leads and sales. Thanks to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reporting, we can answer that question for you – quickly, easily, and precisely. We help you make sense of your analytics data and campaign reports.

Reports collect all the Data in One Place

Compiling, organizing and comparing data means that you can determine exactly how well your campaigns are performing. We’ll help you setup effective ways to track data and measure key performance indicators. Our SEO and PPC service packages include comprehensive Google Analytics  4 reports, which allows us to measure and track how your site is performing.

Analytics Work Behind the Scenes

In order to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, you need to know what to do with all that data. We will review and analyze the analytics data to determine how campaigns are working and how to improve them. We setup customized Google analytics  4 reports to track and measure key metrics for all your campaigns.

Comprehensive Analysis and Review

We use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) along with other tools to compare and analyze your marketing efforts to determine your true return on investment. This allows you to make data driven marketing decisions due to changing market conditions and other factors that impact your market efforts.

Our Comprehensive Website Analysis Reports

Keyword Ranking Positions in Search Engines

Which keyword phrases do you want to have visibility on – either in your local market and/or across the country? We will track these phrases to see how they are ranking for them on Google over time. You can quickly determine how you stack up against your competitors for the phrases that matter the most.

Data from Google’s Search Console

We use Google’s Search Console to find the top keyword phrases your site is ranking for, as well as the average search engine positions and the number of clicks that are coming from each phrase. In SEO analysis we also review how many links from external sites are referencing your site.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA4) is a platform we use that tracks site metric data. We collect the metrics that matter the most in custom reports that are easy to review and understand. The Google Analytics 4 reports we provide include details about the visitors to your website and where they came from, referral traffic from other sites and social media, your most visited pages, how long visitors viewed your pages, specific site goals and much more.

Conversion Tracking

We track different types of conversions that can include:

  • Completed site submission forms (e-mail leads, contact requests, or e-newsletter sign-ups)
  • Phone calls from your website (using a designated number and recording calls)
  • Video views
  • Downloads of Whitepapers, PDFs and other content marketing docs
  • Pay-per-click visits and leads (from Google ads, Facebook ads and other types of paid advertising)
  • clicks from e-mail campaigns to your website
  • sales (from your e-commerce site)

We are one of the top website design and SEO companies in San Jose because we not only get results for our clients, but also provide transparent reporting.

Did You Know?

Unless your marketing campaign decisions are driven by data, you’re just guessing. Here are some stats
related to analytics and reporting that might make you think twice about the importance of data:


Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year


67% of marketers believe speed to action is a primary benefit of using marketing analytics


46% of marketers acknowledge that proving marketing ROI is the greatest challenge they face in the boardroom


90% of US marketers segment data to better target and engage customers

We do more than just Analytics and Reporting

Having proper analytics and tracking setup for your digital campaigns is critical. However if you are not targeting the right audiences with the right messaging and optimizing your online properties you will not achieve your objectives. If you want to see the good results from your digital efforts, you need to connect your analytics with other digital marketing activities. When you work with us a digital marketing consultant will work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.


Acquire More Leads and Sales

Generate quality leads that are more likely to become your customers.


Build Brand Awareness

Get found by those who are searching for your products or services


Grow Your Online Reputation

We’ll help you build an online reputation that is positive, engaging and authoritative.


Improve an Ineffective Website

Transform your website into a lead generation machine for your business.


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