Do Internet Marketing Strategies Really Work for Manufacturers?

Do Internet Marketing Strategies Really Work for Manufacturers?

Howard Walker - 02/27/2015

Do Internet Marketing Strategies Realinternet marketing strategies diagramly Work for Manufacturers?

As a manufacturer, you may be wondering whether or not you should be using the web to market your products. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Here is why:

Internet marketing strategies are very cost effective and can be measured

Successful marketing isn’t just about getting more leads. You must also minimize customer acquisition costs. Email marketing alone boasts an amazing 4,300% ROI; many internet marketing tools are free or more cost effective compared to many off-line marketing strategies. In addition Web Analytics and other online tools can be used to check how effective your Internet marketing strategies are working to reach your targeted clients. Facts like these make internet marketing highly cost effective.

Internet marketing allows you to learn more about your customer
A huge part of succeeding in business is understanding your target market and audience. As you interact with leads online, you gather a lot of valuable data that gives you more clarity about their problems and how your products can be better marketed or positioned to solve them.

Internet marketing isn’t all about ads
When you think about internet marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) ads probably come to mind. You may have heard horror stories about the high cost of this marketing channel; this alone can scare many manufacturing business leaders away from internet marketing. However, there are two problems with the aforementioned horror stories:
1. PPC advertising can be extremely cost effective when used correctly and can provide valuable search data
2. There are other, more efficient online marketing channels

Successful B2B marketing on the web is about finding the digital marketing channels that will work best for your business, and optimizing them. That being said, here are three internet marketing channels that every manufacturing business should be using right now:

1. Informative online documents that are written to your clients

Professional decision makers search the web for information just like everyone else. Being the one to disseminate this information not only puts you in a position to build your brand as a recognizable industry leader, but you can also guide leads towards products that they might not have ever thought of buying. It’s important to remember the there are different stages to a buyers’ journey and you need to provide content to buyers at these different stages.

What it takes to succeed with this channel
You will have to deliver various types of documents, especially eBooks, whitepapers and blog posts. In order to attract people to these documents, you will have to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques based on careful keyword research. Knowing what keyword terms your targeted clients search for will allow you to develop content that is focused on those terms or questions. This ensures that potential customers will find your documents when they search for information on the web.

2. Email

Email will keep your B2B customers in the loop — and moving faster around the buying cycle.

What it takes to succeed with this channel
Do not make the mistake of relying on email blasts to purchased list of “prospects.” Instead, focus on connecting with current customers and leads organically added to your email list through other channels (blogs, social media, sales team interactions, etc).

3. Social media

Believe it or not, social media is one of the most powerful B2B marketing resources available to you. LinkedIn, for example, is a B2B marketing must; here are a few reasons why:
• 78% of professionals on LinkedIn use it to keep up with industry news; another
• 73% of professional use LinkedIn for new business ideas
• 40% of B2B buyers say that LinkedIn is an important research tool when determining new products to purchase

What it takes to succeed with this channel
Your Personal LinkedIn page should function much like a blog, except that you should have much more direct interaction with people, especially as you gain more connections. Besides having a personal account you should also have a company LinkedIn page as well that promotes your brand, provide useful information about the products you provide to your clients and include link references back to your main site.

Maximizing the potential of your manufacturing business requires internet marketing
If you are only using offline channels to market your manufacturing business, then you are missing out on opportunities. Using the power of the web will help you get the most out of your business and allow you to reach many more people. We have used various Internet marketing strategies to help promote leads and sales for many manufacturing businesses. Contact us for more information or to get a free competitive website analysis report call 408 398-3303.


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