How Content Marketing and SEO Services Work Together

How Content Marketing and SEO Services Work Together

Howard Walker - 09/15/2015

Content Markeitng with SEO ServicesIn years past, search engine success often meant casting the notion of creating quality content aside, and instead figuring out how to trick search engines into listing your website at the top of their search results lists. On the other hand, good content marketing, which has always been necessary for building relationships and providing information that was valuable to consumers, couldn’t provide you with the SEO benefits you needed. This meant that content marketing teams who produce quality content and SEO services worked in opposition, so you had to choose to work with one or the other. Those days are now over. These days, your content marketing and SEO services need to be working hand in hand to deliver you the best possible results from your digital marketing campaign.

Differences between Content Marketing and SEO

While there is overlap between Content Marketing and SEO, there are some key differences to point out.

  • Content marketing is broader and not confined to SEO goals. Content writers should produce quality content since their main goal is to attract and retain a targeted audience.
  • Aspects of SEO are mainly technical in nature. This includes first identifying keyword terms that are relevant to the marketer and confirming there is a reasonable amount of searchers looking for information on those related terms. This also includes setting up sitemaps and page elements associated with page titles, URLs, header tags, image ALT tags, etc. All these things need to be incorporated in an online content marketing strategy. 

How Content marketers develop quality content with your established SEO campaign in mind

Using content to increase your SEO ranking used to mean stuffing a web page with unreadable keyword-laden gibberish. Google has ended this practice, now SEO success demands that quality content be written that relates to a specific keyword topic. Quality content marketing services pay more attention to how your content’s writing relates to specific topics that appeal to your targeted audience.

SEO services deliver the keywords that content marketers need to provide relevant content

Your content marketing team understands the value of keywords for enhanced SEO results, but they still need a way to acquire the best ones. A good SEO service provider knows how to do research and select the best keywords that are relevant to each business’ unique marketing needs and their targeted audience. For example, for a local business, an SEO expert will provide great keyword phrases for getting better local SEO results based on local searches in a given area. Content marketers can channel this knowledge to create the perfect content for the business’ target audience.

SEO services will determine how effective your content is promoting your site

SEO marketers use analytics data and other tools to determine how well an SEO campaign is doing. Because providing quality content has become such an important part of an SEO campaign, SEO services they have developed strategies for determining how well your content is promoting your results. Your SEO marketing service can bring this data to your content marketing team so that they can adjust their content accordingly — or so that they can keep doing what they already doing if they’re already delivering stellar results.

Content marketers create the headlines and content for your site visitors

SEO success requires more than earning a high ranking on the search engine results page. Even if your website page is at the top of the list, you may not get many visitors to click and read the page if the headline and content layout does not convince the searcher to read further. People scan web pages for words and phrases that increase the likelihood that a website suits their needs. Guided by the keyword topics provided by an SEO service, a good content marketer will create eye catching headlines and well formatted content. The content needs to not only be informative, but needs to include a call to action to increase the likelihood that someone take the action you want them to do from reading the site page (i.e. click on a link to another site page, download a doc, buy a product, call, etc).

SEO services will guide the internal linking choices as content is developed

Among other things, Google ranks your site page based on how easy it is to get around your website. In order to make it easier to get around your site, links should be created within your content. As your content is being developed by content marketers, an SEO service, which knows what the search engine bots want to see, can guide you on where the links should be placed for the best results.

Your SEO and content marketing teams should be working together

SEO and content marketing are not longer opposing forces in your digital marketing campaign. Your content marketing and SEO services should be working together to help your company succeed.

By Howard Walker

Digital Marketing Consultant

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