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Expert Internet Marketing Consulting Services

We work with businesses primarily in the Bay Area and northern California to provide effective internet marketing consulting services designed to improve your online marketing and web presence to your targeted clients. The world of Internet marketing is vast and constantly changing, however our professionals will work with you to leverage the Internet and our proven processes in providing effective Internet marketing strategies to help you market to your customers more successfully.

Small and mid-sized businesses usually don’t have the time, money and resources to handle Internet marketing on their own, so they need to use Internet marketing consulting services. As a business owner you know that your website and web presence is crucial to the success of your company, as more and more consumers use the Internet to find products and services and make purchases online. At WSI Omega Solutions our dedicated Internet marketing team can take over the full-time task of ensuring that your Internet marketing strategies are effectively meeting your needs and performing effectively.

Why Should You Work With Our Internet Marketing Consultants?

Our Internet marketing consultants are trained and certified in Internet marketing and have the experience and access to cutting-edge resources and techniques. They are also experts who can explain digital marketing strategies to you in a way that you can understand, and also show you how these strategies work to improve your sales and visibility with your targeted clients.

Our Internet marketing consulting services include the following:

  • Internet Business Analysis and Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Performance Measurements

Internet Business Analysis and Research

We know about the local market in the Bay Area which and we’re here to provide effective Internet business analysis and research services to small and medium-sized business. As a business owner or executive you wear many hats and probably don’t have the time needed to focus on developing a digital marketing plan that is well suited for your business. Our consultants take the time to meet with you and ask questions to learn about your business, operations, targeted market, customers, find out what your current online and office marketing strategies are. The goal of our Internet Business Analysis process is to evaluate your business marketing needs, and then come up with some strategies we could use to improve your efficiency in marketing to customers and increase sales.

Keyword Research

Before we implement any kind of digital marketing strategy for your business, it’s important to conduct a thorough keyword research for your specific industry. Keywords or keyword phrases that you think are good to use for your products or services may not always be the ones that your customers are using with their online searches. It’s important to develop website copy that uses the best set of keyword according to your specific market. It’s also important to review the level of competition for the keywords that are chosen as well.

Our consultants use effective keyword research tools to learn more about the online search behavior of consumers who are searching for your products and services. These tools provide us with the information on how popular certain keywords are, the level of competition along with search volume and trends in recent months and over a period of time.

Keyword research is an important starting point when implementing an effective Internet marketing strategy. Our keyword research will tell you which keywords or keyword phrases are best to use in optimizing your website as part of a long term Internet marketing strategy. Whether you are selling products or services locally, nationally or worldwide, it’s important to know which keywords will be most effective in reaching your targeted customers in your targeted geographic areas.

Competitive Analysis

One of the services our Internet marketing consultants provide is reviewing the online behavior and tactics of your competitors and other industry leaders who sell products or services that are similar to yours. Every business needs to deal with competition and it can be viewed as something that inspires creativity and thinking outside the box to provide better solutions.

Conducting a competitive analysis includes:

  • Identifying your competitor’s target markets and determining how effective their online marketing efforts are
  • Observing and analyzing your competitor’s tactics
  • Identifying your competitor’s market share

Even though you are not actively selling any products or services online, research shows that consumers research all types of products and services online, which provides an excellent opportunity for your website and web presence to be a lead generation tool. Before your first consultation with us, we’ll ask you to give us the names and site references to a couple of your competitors.  We’ll then provide you a basic competitive analysis report that contains details about your competitor’s online presence, ranking and popularity.

For a fee we can provide you an extensive competitive analysis report that measures your site along with all your online marketing efforts with up to 10 competitors. The report includes a list of recommendations based on our analysis. Contact us for more details and information.

Performance Measurements

Your website is a powerful online marketing tool, and our internet marketing consultants in San Jose can do marketing performance measurements to determine how well your website is doing in marketing your business.  Using tools that include Google Analytics allow us to measure how well your site is performing in getting visitor traffic, pages visits, how long visitors stay and other related information. We can then provide you recommendations on what can be done to improve your site pages and convert more visitors into valuable customers.

Online marketing has been developing very rapidly over the last few years and you need a team of professionals who can advise you on the most effective leading-edge tools and techniques to succeed. We can accurately measure how effective all your online marketing campaigns are and identify areas that need improvement. The bottom line is your business can more effectively spend money on marketing efforts that provide results.

Call WSI Smart Web Marketing in San Jose, CA today at 408 398-3303 and learn about how our Internet marketing consulting services can help your business. We look forward to talking with you!

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