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Local SEO Campaign Services- Attract Local Customers

If your business depends on reaching local customers, then you need local solutions. While WSI is a global brand, we are dedicated to serving local regions and have a local marketing agency office in San Jose, CA  at WSI Smart Web Marketing. We know our regions extraordinarily well, and the local Internet Marketing Consultants are ready to put that experience to work for you with local SEO campaign services.

holistic local seo campaign services

Although e-Commerce has opened national and global marketplaces for selling products and services, sometimes it’s right at home in your local town or city where important customers reside. This is especially true if you have a physical business office or storefront rather than a virtual one. Having a focus on local search with a SEO strategy acknowledges this reality and tailors your overall online marketing campaign accordingly.

Simplify Your Local SEO Marketing Campaign

Local searches are search engine queries that include “geographical keywords” such as “San Jose” or even ”Bay Area.” The combination of these geo-specific keywords along other relevant keyword phrases for your business make up the entire keyword phrase that search engines use in a local search. “San Jose property manager” is one example, so it makes sense for your site to appear on the search engine results page for a search if you happen to be a property manager in San Jose, California.

How Does a Holistic Local SEO Campaign Work for Small Local Businesses?

More than 30% of Internet search traffic is done by people looking for information on local business services and products. Local searches represent a targeted audience, and even more so than more generic search engine queries.

A traditional SEO project targets many broad keyword phrases and is usually too costly for most small businesses. Marketing budgets are tight and business owners need a high degree of confidence that a SEO project will yield results. To address this situation we implemented a very effective version of SEO for small businesses that we call local search engine optimization. The primarily focus is on optimizing a website in a local or regional market in a specific market segment. We do this keyword research we come up with a set of long tail geo-modified keyword terms or phrases that have a reasonable amount of local search traffic with lower competition where it is easier to get higher ranking.

The aim of our local SEO services is to increase online visibility and brand awareness in the localities served by the business rather than on the web as a whole. This niche approach to SEO will deliver much better return on investment (ROI) and be more beneficial to a business that is only servicing customers within a certain area around of their physical location.

When is a Local SEO Service Project an Effective Strategy?

Our Local SEO services work well for businesses that:

    • Need to focus on getting locally qualified sales leads
    • Have a limited marketing budget
    • Want to raise their online business visibility with a targeted audience, within a certain region
    • Want to see their keyword rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) improve quickly
    • Want  to develop a higher profile presence in their local geographical area

If you’re struggling to get by on a limited marketing budget, a local SEO campaign is the perfect middle ground between doing something and doing nothing. Since keywords are generally less competitive and it’s easier to get ranking, you will be able to measure results sooner. This makes it easier to justify the expenditure since you don’t have to commit to a costly, yearlong or longer contract.

A local SEO campaign, when done correctly, will be more cost effective than local newspaper, radio, or TV advertising. Not only will a local SEO campaign offer more of a sustained and continuous presence than a series of radio ads or weeks of newspaper advertising, but the traffic will also be more targeted.  Instead of paying a lot of money to appear in front of every newspaper reader, money invested in a lower cost local SEO campaign will help you catch the interest of only those people searching for your product or service in your local area. This degree of targeting means resources can be deployed and implemented much more efficiently.

Our Local SEO Projects Have Given Outstanding Results

We have helped our clients achieve excellent results in terms of higher keyword rankings, increased site traffic, lead generation and more online revenue. With years of experience in this field, we are able to offer a locally focused SEO campaign that will provide a cost-effective solution for you.

Are you ready to get the results you deserve for local online marketing?

To learn more about our local SEO campaign services contact our consultant today at 408 398-3303 to learn more about how our services can help your business.

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