B2C Online Marketing Strategies to Promote your Business

B2C Online Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Professional Service Business

With so many other businesses out there that specialize in the same products or services as yours, it’s essential that you use caution when developing your B2C online marketing strategies. At WSI Omega Solutions we want to help you create an effective and quality marketing strategy to interest your customers and keep them interested and supporting your business for as long as possible.

Identify Your Audience

The very first thing you need to do is identify your target audience. While you may want to reach as many people as you can, you also want to focus on individuals who will get the most use out of your products and services. Specifically, you’ll need to:

  • Find out what your customers are interested in
  • Learn what type of information your customers consume and how they consume it (smartphone, email, social media, video)
  • How customers most often use your particular service or product
  • What your customers like to know before they choose whether or not to buy your type of product or service

Own Your Brand

Ask yourself what makes your brand unique and unlike any other business out there that also offers your particular services or products. What can you offer that others either can’t or won’t? Once you’ve discovered what that “something” is, implement it with your B2C marketing strategies. This business brand is what your customers and other businesses will recognize you for. You might also want to ask your current customers what it is that they like about your brand in order to generate some new ideas.

Learn Your Customers’ Online Habits

You’ve got to go where your customers are and learn how to integrate yourself into their daily lives without being obtrusive or obnoxious about it. Which social media platforms do your customers use? Do they spend a majority of their time online in the morning, afternoon or night? Which sites or blogs do they go to for news and information on products and services related to the ones that you sell? Are there certain types of emails they’re more likely to respond to or open? Just like a hunter finds out everything he can about his prey before starting the hunt, you should do the same.

Learn How to Handle Negative Feedback

As long as you have your own business there’s always going to be a chance that you’ll get some negative feedback. You and your business will be better off learning how to handle this negative feedback before it happens again so that you can act decisively, immediately, and appropriately. Whenever you do receive negative feedback, look past any insults the individual might be hurling your way and discover the root of the problem. Respond as professionally as possible and leave all emotion out of the equation. Let your customers know that you’re listening to their grievances, appreciate the opportunity to better your business, and will go out of your way to remedy the situation.

Get Customer Reviews On An On-Going Basis

Another thing we recommend is getting customer reviews and feedback on an on-going basis that can be referenced online from outside your site. Studies have shown that businesses that have recent customer reviews published on a third party site provides a higher degree of credibility with potential customers compared to businesses that don’t do this. We work with customer review providers who can call your existing customers to get reviews and we provide this service to our clients to promote their online visibility and credibility. If you want to find out more about how our B2C online marketing strategies can help your business contact us today.

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