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Think About SEO When You Design a New Site

February 25, 2022 | 4 minutes to read
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Summary:It’s best to follow a proactive and strategic approach in business to avoid problems before they impact profits, service or reputation. If you’re planning on designing or redesigning your website, following a proactive and strategic approach starts with incorporating adaptive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at the start of the website design process. Doing so will …

adaptive search engine optimizationIt’s best to follow a proactive and strategic approach in business to avoid problems before they impact profits, service or reputation. If you’re planning on designing or redesigning your website, following a proactive and strategic approach starts with incorporating adaptive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at the start of the website design process. Doing so will help you meet your marketing goals by reaching more potential customers online.

We’ve heard many clients tell us that they spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful new website, but no one finds them. They ask if we can fix this problem and promote their online visibility. We can certainly fix this problem, however the additional costs to do this could have been avoided had the website had been designed correctly from the start. Your company can easily avoid the additional expense of a search engine friendly redesigns by applying the following proven methods of Search Engine Optimization.

Top Items to Incorporate when building a new website for SEO

  1. Keyword Research

Marketing strategies need to be built on solid foundations to be successful. The foundation of great SEO is based around using keywords (search terms) that are relevant to your targeted audience. After developing a list of keyword terms based on search traffic data you then need to assign a different site page to each choosen keyword phrase. Following the process of assigning a keyword phrase to each optimized page that has relevant content on that topic will result in many pages and require a fair amount of time writing copy. However, following this principle will focus your website on providing the specific information your targeted audience is looking for. Failure to target your website pages means the search engines and your audience will not be shown the relevant information they are seeking. (Unfocused content means no relevancy and no ranking!)

By laying the proper groundwork for long term SEO success, every subsequent step of the process will be easier – including future-proofing and updating your strategy.


  1. Competitive Analysis

Every business has some competitors – embracing this and using them to your advantage is a much better option than ignoring them. There is a lot of information that can be found by reviewing the websites of your competitors. Carefully look at their offerings and messaging and see how this compares to your own.  Also determine what keyword terms your main competitors are using on their site. If your competitors rank higher than you for highly relevant search terms, determine what they’re doing and see if you can do better. Dealing with the competition is part of today’s business environment and is one of the keys to success.


  1. website organization Website Organization and Performance

Search engine friendly navigation – Make sure that search engines can find all the pages on your website quickly, easily, and in a way that matches your audience’s thought process. Your site content should be organized in categories and sub-categories according to your list of researched keyword terms and which site visitors can easily follow. Your web designer should understand these design principles, but if they don’t then you need to find an SEO specialist for your team.

Site Page Titles with Unique Meta Tags – Work closely with your web developer to carefully develop titles and meta descriptions, based on the keyword terms (keyword map) for each page in your site. These need to be unique for each page to help search engines identify the topic of your page, and to entice users to click through to your page when it is shown on a search engine results page (SERP). Include the most important keyword phrases based on what your target audience is searching for.

Site Performance -with the recent addition of Core Web Vitals, Google has incorporated site performance into the search engine algorithm. Make sure your web developer follows best design practices to optimize site performance and ensure that all these metrics are good for both for desktop and mobile devices. This can be easily checked by running Google’s PageSpeed Insights analysis on your site.


  1. Quality Content with Visual Aspects

Use readable text, fonts, and color and develop an easy-to-use interface with graphics/images for visual effect. Focus on developing high quality content that appeals to the needs of your targeted audience. While the use of Flash may be used in some content or for some specific visual presentation that can’t be done another way, it should be limited. Don’t work with a web designer who suggests using frames to build site pages.



  1. Review, Test and Improve

Review and test your new website during development with independent end-users and not employees. Some obvious things may be overlooked and using a third party that knows best site design practices and usability issues can provide valuable feedback. It is much easier and less costly to make changes to functionality content during the design process than after the site goes live.


There are many additional SEO principles that can help your site in search engine rankings. Some of these may be used by others in your industry. The most important thing to remember is these need to be designed into your site from the beginning otherwise it will cost you more to implement when you contact us after the fact.

Would you like to achieve SEO success for your site? Contact us for a free consultation today.

About the Author

Howard Walker is a Digital Marketing Consultant and owner of WSI Smart Web Marketing. He serves as a manager and strategic advisor and uses his experience, expertise, and knowledge from many years of experience in the tech industry as a product marketing engineer and project manager. His experience with digital marketing services and the use of online analysis tools allow him to implement strategies and recommendations that provide the best-in-class services and results for clients.

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