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A Digital Marketing Agency’s Role in Boosting Your Marketing Efforts

March 25, 2021 | 4 minutes to read
Be Prepared for Challenges
Summary:Summary: The partnership between a digital marketer and business owners has never been more important. Learn why collaboration and communication is so vital for a successful relationship and how you can identify a good agency to work with.   It’s no longer possible for a small or medium-sized B2B company to ignore digital business channels. …
Summary: The partnership between a digital marketer and business owners has never been more important. Learn why collaboration and communication is so vital for a successful relationship and how you can identify a good agency to work with.


It’s no longer possible for a small or medium-sized B2B company to ignore digital business channels. Even if you operate in a traditionally offline space, the continuing trend is to conduct more and more business online, and this movement has only accelerated given recent global events.

But there’s no guarantee of succeeding simply by throwing money at online marketing. If anything, competition is even fiercer than in the offline world, and your marketing budget has to work even harder. It’s important to know not only understand the needs of your targeted audience, but also develop a good digital marketing plan on how you will reach them with your message and solution.

Most businesses will need some help to make a success out of online channels, and this is where a digital marketing agency comes in, helping you maximize your use of resources while you concentrate on your core business.

But how do you know which agency to choose out of the countless number touting for business? Here are some of the key approaches a good digital marketing agency will take from the very beginning, to ensure that working together brings mutual success.

Collaboration and Communication

Digital Marketing Collaboration InfographicWhere once digital marketing was seen as a mysterious art, and agencies tended to work in isolation or even secrecy, success is only gained today through close collaboration. You know how to run your business and how to satisfy your customers. An experienced provider of B2B digital marketing services knows how to reach prospects and convert them into new customers, using proven results-driven methods.

This level of collaboration demands clear communication on both sides. As a business owner, you can use your knowledge of the market to describe solid goals you want to achieve through your digital marketing investment. On the agency’s side, they can give an honest assessment of whether these goals are realistically attainable, what resources will be needed to realize them, and what the overall time frame is likely to be.

A low-grade agency may promise the earth to secure a contract, but their performance will tell a different story once the work is underway. In contrast, a reputable, professional company like our San Jose digital marketing agency will be upfront about likely results from the beginning, managing expectations so that both sides have a clear view of the road ahead.

When both parties communicate effectively from the beginning, the commercial relationship is on a sound footing and misunderstandings down the line are much less likely.

Strong Use of Data

Once the goals have been defined and agreed, a digital agency will draw up a set of metrics that can be used to measure progress. Effective use of data is vital in this area. A skilled and experienced agency can use industry data from many sources to inform the campaign, using analysis to direct resources to where they’ll have the most effect. What’s more, an agency that’s prepared to adapt their approach as data comes in is much more likely to achieve the results your investment deserves.

Strong use of data also helps keep you informed about the progress of campaign aspects that work over different timescales. Real-time data can keep you constantly informed about the profitability of your pay per click and/or social media advertising spend. Longer-term data, when correctly analyzed and presented, will show how techniques such as content marketing and SEO are working to build a solid foundation for your future online business.

WSI-LifecycleA while ago WSI created the WSI Lifecycle™ infographic that shows the process we use to deliver the best possible results to clients. The graphic highlights the benefits of a system-driven process are that it’s proven and repeatable, which means we’ll deliver digital marketing solutions that work. The WSI Lifecycle™ also allows us to educate the companies we work with so everybody involved knows what’s expected and required throughout the duration of a project.

A Good Agency Leads by example

Think about the purchases you’re most satisfied with, and then consider the reasons you made those purchases. Most of us were most satisfied by purchases that were a) recommended by a friend or colleague or b) that we previously used, tested, or saw a demonstration. It makes sense that the best purchases are those where you make an informed decision, where you get exactly what you expect, which is a concept that applies to our discussion about collaboration. Set appropriate expectations first, and the notion of an agency leading by example.

When it comes to digital marketing, the question is how can you use or test an agency? You can’t really do this, but what you can check out their site, blogs, client reviews and other digital properties to see if they’re actually doing the things that they suggest! Are they using data to make decisions? Are they using the tools and digital marketing strategies that they’re preaching? If a company treats themselves as a client, then you know they believe in their products and services – and that’s the most honest form of testing and demonstration that you’ll get.

Using WSI’s own recent history as an example, we published over 40 blog articles in 2020, and created a client webinar series called Ahead of the Curve during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to educate clients and prospects on digital marketing. At WSI we practice what we preach! In addition, we also released our 3rd book, Digital Minds: A Strategic Approach to Connecting and Engaging with Your Customer Online.

Achieve Your Goals with Our Digital Marketing Services

Make informed decisions when selecting service providers for your business. You know your customers and your competition. You know where you want your company to go and the goals you want to achieve. As a results-driven San Jose digital marketing agency, within the WSI network we can provide the online expertise to get you to your destination as efficiently as possible, keeping you fully informed and involved along the way. We’re getting great results for the clients we work and we can it for you too!


About the Author

Howard worked in the technology industry for over 20 years as product marketing engineer and project manager, and has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He is an entrepreneurial digital marketer with a track record of success in creating and developing profitable revenue streams for small and medium sized B2B businesses. His experience and expertise in product marketing, project management, business management, digital marketing consulting allows him to provide the best in class services and measurable results to clients.

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