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What Lead Gen Tactics Should B2B Companies Follow in 2023?

April 26, 2023 | 5 minutes to read
What Lead Gen Tactics Should B2B Companies Follow in 2023?
Summary:Lead generation is a critical driver in your business’s growth, which is why sales and marketing teams focus so much time and resources on it.  In a perfect world, you would always have high-quality leads coming in, however, getting those high-value leads is easier said than done. Plenty of lead generation strategies can be followed …

Lead generation is a critical driver in your business’s growth, which is why sales and marketing teams focus so much time and resources on it.  In a perfect world, you would always have high-quality leads coming in, however, getting those high-value leads is easier said than done.

Plenty of lead generation strategies can be followed for a B2B business, but the difficult part is figuring out which ones you should implement and which work best. In this article, we will suggest some steps companies can follow to figure out which tactics to implement and list lead gen tactics that B2B companies should try using in 2023.

Choosing which lead generation tactics a B2B company should implement depends on various factors such as the target audience, industry, competition, marketing budget, and business goals. These things need to be incorporated into a digital marketing plan that is based on research in your specific industry niche. Here are some steps businesses can follow to figure out which tactics to implement and which work best:

  • Identify your target audience: Understand your customers’ needs, challenges, and preferences. This will help you determine which tactics resonate with them and generate the best results.
  • Carefully review and audit your current website and the messaging you use and make necessary updates. Does your site speak to your targeted audience and clearly convey how you help them and provide value? You may need to get feedback from a third party to get additional insights. You may also need to use A/B testing on some designed site pages to change the content and offers to see which generates the most interest.  
  • Analyze your competitors: Research your competitors to see what tactics they’re using and what’s working for them. This can help you identify market gaps and develop unique tactics that set you apart.
  • Set clear goals: Define your business objectives and what you want to achieve with your lead generation tactics. This will help you measure your success and determine which tactics are working and which ones need improvement.
  • Experiment with different tactics: Try several lead generation tactics and measure their effectiveness. You may get good results implementing an SEO and content marketing campaign or running a PPC campaign, and/or doing social media advertising.  Based on the analysis and research in your market niche one or more of these may be effective in generating visibility, interest, leads, and conversions.
  • Monitor and track your results: Use analytics tools to track your website traffic, social media engagement, email open rates, and other metrics to measure your success. This data can help you optimize your tactics and improve your results.
  • Adapt and evolve: As you implement different tactics, be open to adapting and changing your strategy based on your results. Continuously analyze your data and adjust your tactics to improve your lead generation efforts.

B2B companies must focus on implementing effective lead-generation tactics to attract and convert high-quality leads. Here are the top lead generation tactics that B2B companies should incorporate to achieve success:

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy with High-Quality Content

Essential Approaches for Developing B2B Content Marketing TopicsContent marketing is a vital tactic for B2B companies to attract and engage their target audience. Developing an effective content marketing strategy requires you to identify your target audience and also understand their needs and challenges. You need to create informative, high-quality blog posts, white papers, case studies, and other types of content that address the challenges your customers face and offer solutions. Well-written content should be created for every stage of the sales funnel that answers questions with relevant and factually accurate information.

There is so much competition online that you need to think outside the box to stand out. That means you need to step up your content marketing strategy to include informative videos, infographics, downloadable guides, and eBooks.

Posting blog articles on your company website and social media profiles will help attract prospects and convert them into leads.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for B2B companies to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract organic traffic. Optimizing your website and content for relevant keywords can increase your visibility in search results and generate leads. An SEO strategy can provide long-term benefits for your B2B lead generation efforts, but it usually takes some time to see results.

  1. Leverage social media to Build Relationships

social media marketing servicesSocial media is one of the most effective yet underutilized marketing tools available. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can be powerful tools for B2B lead generation. B2B companies should use social media to share valuable content, engage with their audience, and build relationships. Some helpful social-media-focused lead-gen strategies include the following:

  • Rethink your Connection Requests: LinkedIn is filled with generic, irrelevant, and spammy connection messages. You should optimize your profile to convert views into conversations and develop a series of connection messages with a personalized touch. Send daily connection requests to a narrowly defined group of targeted customers.
  • Long-Form LinkedIn Updates: Developing long-form LinkedIn updates can be a very effective lead-generation tool. Ensure the information is compelling, authentic, and valuable to your target audience. Keep the paragraphs short so the update looks visually appealing.


  1. Utilize Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing

Email marketing remains a powerful lead generation tactic for B2B companies in 2023. By sending targeted and personalized emails to existing customers and prospects, you can nurture relationships and generate leads. You can use email marketing to share relevant content, promote your products and services and announce new or enhanced products.

  1. Implement Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that targets specific accounts or companies rather than individual prospects. By tailoring your marketing efforts to specific accounts, you can create more personalized and targeted campaigns. ABM can be an effective way for B2B companies to generate leads and increase conversions.

  1. Video Marketing

video marketingVideos can be used to explain complex products or services, showcase customer testimonials, and provide thought leadership on industry trends. B2B companies should consider incorporating video into their marketing strategy to generate leads and increase engagement.

  1. Use Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a cost-effective lead-generation tactic that relies on word-of-mouth marketing. You can generate high-quality leads by incentivizing your existing customers to refer new leads to your business. Referral marketing can be a highly effective way to generate leads and increase brand awareness for B2B companies.


Generating leads is a constant, never-ending task for businesses and marketing teams. Using some forethought and developing a digital marketing plan is essential to ensure the highest degree of success.

The effectiveness of each digital marketing tactic may vary depending on your industry, products, target audience, and specific business goals. You must research and experiment to determine which tactics work best for their unique situation. This is where working with an experienced digital marketing consultant can help. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your specific business needs and goals.

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